Information to UK visitors:
"Why cash" on your withdrawal receipt?

Someone programming cash machine receipts somehere in UK found it funny
to label on the statements, the words ycash as in Why Cash! This has nothing todo with us and it originates from a simple cash withdrawal most certainly done by the card owner.

What we do

Y-CASH is a facilitator for payment and finance related processes. We perform consultancy services such as payment integrations and accounting automation.

For end consumers

Y-CASH provides services used by end consumers that are simple, safe and secure. We act as a facilitator between your supplier and for example a bank.

For partners

Y-CASH provides services with a strong focus on integration and bringing value to the business. We either deliver technical architecture or work as under consultants in integration or implementation projects.

For suppliers

Y-CASH by channeling our suppliers services and act as a reseller/distributor and/or affiliate we extend their markets.

Who we are

YCASH is engaged in developing software/services, marketing and business processes that are related to payments, finance and reporting.
Our services and platform work as a facilitator for our customers giving them the opportunity to be supplier independent.

Our partners

Y-CASH services include credit check, payment solutions, escrow services, fraud prevention, debt collection, accounting integration, reporting and analyses.
Since our primarly business is integration we cooperate with several partners and services.
Contact us for more information about our integrations..

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